Water Powered Back Up Sump Pump – Basepump Installation W/ Plumbing

Basepump manufactured by the Base Products Corp is the best solution for those that have water issues in their home. Due to electrical outages and other issues many sump pumps fail. Up until now the only back up was battery operated pumps that sat in the sump with the primary pump and in theory would activate when the primary pump fails. The problem with a battery back up is that requires electricity to operate as well. A battery charger charges a marine battery which in turn powers the back up pump. Unfortunately the failure rate of these systems and the cost is quite high. Now there is an alternative that does not require electricity or batteries and works using the home owners own cold water supply. The Basebump is activated when the primary pump fails and turns on pulling cold water from the tap. The water creates a vacuum as it passes through the Basepump and for each gallon of tap water it draws it pulls two gallons of sump water. Remember, this is an emergency situation and the pump will operate only when necessary. Now a homeowner can leave their homes and never have to worry about a flood in their basement that can cause many thousands of dollars in damage. Homeowners can call a local plumber for installation of this unit because it requires a tie into your mail cold water supply line. This should only be attempted by those that know exactly how to do this. Base does sell a pressure fitted water line installation kit for those comfortable with plumbing, but don’t

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