How To Setup A Sump Refugium

Educational video on How To Set Up A Sump Refugium Filtration System for a Saltwater Tank or Reef Aquarium. Refugium Sump Filter Set Up with Miracle Mud, Macro Algae, Live rock, Protein Skimmer, and LED Lighting. Deep Sand Bed in the main display only. By newyorksteelo. Facebook: Trigger Systems Custom Sump Refugium Review: Durso Standpipe Illustration Video: Reef Aquarium Filtration Options: Thanks for supporting my cause to educate others in this highly addictive hobby.

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  • Janeathan Doh:

    Live ü¢

  • arnaldo2727:

    Hi NYS. I copy the lay put of ur sump in a diy project. My question is will the pods make it thru the foam pad??? Im planing on using eshopps foam pad. What kind do u use??? Thanks

  • newyorksteelo:

    It depends on how porous the foam pad is. Some foam pads are really dense, but the one I use came with my trigger system sump and is porous, intended to only prevent larger debris from making it into the last stage and clog up the pump.

  • Trey Mixon:

    I discovered a small hair-line crack in my 30g tank. It’s on the left side about half way down. Its about the size of a dime. I can’t feel the crack on either side. What should I do???

  • newyorksteelo:

    Is the water leaking through it?

  • Edmond youkhana:

    Hello newyorksteelo what size Sump Refugium i need for 150 galons reef tank

  • newyorksteelo:

    The bigger they are, the better, but the 36 inch model will work well. In the end, it comes down to what you are trying to achieve and how much space you have below in the stand. In your case, the possibilities are good with a 150g system.

  • loafdog84:

    Love all your videos i have been watching them over and over. I just finished setting up my first saltwater tank. 20L with 10G sump/refugium. now in the diatom phase.

  • newyorksteelo:

    Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy :)

  • Wigge Holmkvist:

    How long can you have Live stone above the water?

  • newyorksteelo:

    By “live stone”, did you mean live rock, and by “above the water” did you mean out of the water? If so, I would not recommend keeping live rock out of the water for more than 2 to 3 hours max, unless you keep the rock wet. If you keep it wet, it can last a day or two, but it must not be allowed to dry or you can begin to consider the rock dead rock soon after. Also, keep in mind that even if kept wet, the longer you leave it out, the more the die off of the Macro life that will occur. Good luck.

  • Ronald Blaylock:

    hello Newyorksteelo where did you get your truelumen lights from and how many do i need for the 36 inch sump. thanks

  • Bryan Gaines:

    Hey, really enjoyed your video! I’ve been in the hobby for about ten years but I’ve been absent for a bout 2 yrs so I’m a little out of practice. Im currently building my own sump with 3 chambers and a bubble eliminator. I’m doing a fish only tank, do you recommend a refugeum with fish only?

  • newyorksteelo:

    I believe it was at “That Pet Place”. They had these lights for less expensive than other sites. You only need to light the refugium stage, not the whole sump. I used three but could have very well used just one or two even.

  • newyorksteelo:

    Yes. Any refugium is better than no refugium :) Welcome back to the hobby. Seems most of us that leave it always seem to come back lol. Enjoy.

  • rrickrude:

    Do you run the skimmer only a few hours a day with your miracle mud??

  • newyorksteelo:

    I run the skimmer 24/7 on this reef.

  • Wigge Holmkvist:

    i couldn’t find at video about introduce fishes to your aquarium. so i have a question. if i allready has couple of 2 chromis in my aquarium. can i introduce 3 more to the reef?

  • newyorksteelo:

    You can. There will be bickering among the old ones and the new ones (common among Chromis) but it can work. If the bickering gets out of hand, take the 2 that are already acclimated and in the system out and place them in your refugium (if you have one). Keep them there for about 2 weeks while the new ones acclimate to the tank. After 2 weeks, re-introduce the old ones and they should get along. Good luck.

  • sal fel:

    hey steelo big fan i wanted to ask you what s your reviw on the miracle mud love your videos mantks

  • hunggi74:

    Awesome stuff! I’ve got a question for you. I bought a used Ecosystem sump that has three chambers but only the middle chamber is big enough t(16″x11″x10″)to hold either a skimmer or a DSB. I’m leaning towards a DSB but I’m wondering if it’s worth it with that kind of surface area? Would the flow through the sump lead to sand getting into my return pump? The overflow is rated for 600GPH and the pump is an Eheim 1260. Thanks for you time!

  • newyorksteelo:

    Miracle Mud is just awesome. Likely one of the best purchases I’ve made for my reefs. Highly recommended.

  • newyorksteelo:

    16″ X 11″ is more than adequate surface area for a deep sand bed. Flow should not be an issue if the sump was built correctly. Have fun.

  • Wigge Holmkvist:

    thanks man!=)

  • newyorksteelo:

    Your welcome.

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